Friday, April 25, 2014

Nails of the Week

 Hey everyone!! For this weeks NOTW I decided to do ombre again because I love it and it excites me lol !!  The two colors that I chose for the manicure are China Glaze Sun-Kissed and I´m With the Lifeguard. 

Both of these colors are from the Neon collection and I think they look great together!

Sorry I didnt clean up around my nails. I just wanted to take pix right away :) !!

This is another perfect combination for spring and summer and it is just really bright and fun! Your nails will definitely get noticed with colors like this.

I have two other posts with ombre nails so if you want to check out those color combinations you can do so here and here !!

I hope you guys enjoy this because I think it is really fun to do!

Do you like ombre manicures?? What colors do you like to combine together??


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New In: Avon

Hello everyone!! Today I received just a few items that I ordered from Avon and I wanted to share them with you. There isn´t a lot of items to show but I am still excited about them. Also there is one item that isn´t from Avon and I just bought it yesterday so I figured I will share it in this post.

- Avon naturals indulging chocolate scrub : This scrub smells sooo yummy and delicious! I haven´t tryed it yet since I just got it so I am very excited about my shower later on today.

- Avon naturals romantic rose chocolate body spray: This smells really nice as well but I have to say I was expecting it to be even better. I did apply it to my wrist a couple of hours ago just to try it out and the smell is still slightly there.

- Avon naturals sweet sugar plum and vanilla body spray: This smell I really like because it is sweeter than the one above and as you all know I am really into sweet and vanilla scents. 

Those were all products that sound really yummy and I just couldn´t resist ordering them. Here is something a little less exciting but I wanted to give it a try anyway.

- Avon clearskin blemish clearing back spray: Unfortunately I do have acne prone skin and I do tend to get acne on my back which is really painfull sometimes. That is why this product cought my attention and I really hope it works. I will be using it every day after my shower starting today.

Those would be all of the products that I ordered from Avon! Here is one item that I wanted to share even though it isn´t beauty related or from Avon:

I was really in need of a new wallet since my old one was literally falling apart. Yesterday I was shopping with my sister and I spotted this one in a store called Stradivarius . I immediately fell in love with it because of the print and the beautiful springy colors so I bought it :)

Those would be all of the items that I have to share with you in this post. Thank you so much for reading and check back again!! xoxo

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My ALL TIME Favorites

Hello everyone!! In todays post I will share with you some of my all time favorite products/items! Some are make up related others are just random things that I love and always go back to. Some of these items I have previously mentioned on this blog but needed to include in this post anyway :)

- Real Techniques Expert Face Brush : I am absolutely in love with this brush. I use it every single day for so many things...foundation, bronzer, blush and its amazing!! I highly recommend it!

- Revlon Colorstay foundation : This is my all time favorite foundation. I love the full coverage of it and the lasting power. Also it is amazing that they have a version for oily skin and a version for normal/dry skin.

- L´Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara : I have been using this mascara for years and I always go back to it. It just makes my eyelashes look really nice and it doesn´t clump on me. I think L´Oreal mascaras in general are amazing!!

- Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks : I have only had these lipsticks for a few months and I am soo in love with them. I only have two colors but I wear them almost every day. They last so long on the lips and feel great. Another awesome thing is the really low price. I have Think Pink and Bare It All and next I want to buy Just Peachy and Mauve Outta Here!

Next are just a few of my all time favorite nailpolishes! I didn´t want to include too many so I narrowed it down to four amazing colors!

I love nailpolish and I have quite a few of them. I am not really a person that wears certain colors during certain seasons I just wear whatever I like year round. Here are my four favorite colors from left to right:

- Bourjois Turquoise Block
- Essence Purple Sugar 
- Essence Free Hugs 
- Eveline 811

Next are just some random items that are not makeup related but I love them anyway :

- Violeta baby wipes with chamomile : These are my favorite wipes and the only ones that I have bought since I discovered them. They are perfectly wet and smell really good. I just like to have them in the house for many reasons but sometimes I even remove makeup with them.

- Afrodita Vanilla liquid hand soap: This soap smells sooo good I almost want to eat it. It is the only one that you will ever find in my bathroom.

- Neutro Roberts deodorant in Powder Fresh : The smell of this deodorant is amazing and it keeps me fresh all day . It is also alcohol free which is always great. For years I have been using the spray version and just recently I decided to try the roll on and I love it just as much.

- Bettina Barty Vanilla hand and body lotion : I have already mentioned this product in a previous post and I really love it. The smell stays on the skin for a long time but if you have dry skin I don´t think this is hydrating enough for you. 

And last but definitely not least is a purse that I just had to mention in this post.

I love this purse so much it is like my favorite item  that I own. I have worn it for two whole summers every day and this summer wont be any different. I actually ordered this purse from a lady that makes purses so I got to choose the colors, material and everything. She has a page on facebook called Mary Bo Bags and you can check out the pictures of her other purses. These colors are just perfect for summer and the bag is awesome quality. I hope it lasts me for a few more summers :)

I am sure I have a few more all time favorite items but I just can´t think of them at the moment so that would be it for this post! I hope you guys enjoyed it and thank you for stopping by!! xoxo

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nails of the Week

       Hey everyone!! For this weeks NOTW I did something that I have not done in the longest time to my nails and that is : an ombre manicure!! Actually my very first blog post was an ombre manicure and you can check it out here .

   Both of the colors that I used have already been in my NOTW posts before and they are Wet N Wild On a Trip and Essence Purple Sugar .

I love both of these colors a lot so I decided to combine them in one manicure :) Here are the results:

I topped them off with an Essence better than gel top coat and I was really happy with the way they turned out!

I hope you all like it and thank you for reading!! xoxo

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pharrell Williams - Happy ( Trogir , Croatia )

Hello everyone!! Lately a lot of cities and countries have been dancing and making videos to Pharell´s Happy and I just wanted to share the video that my town made :)  ...and I appear in it for like 2 seconds :) ENJOY!!

I hope you enjoyed the video! Did your city or country make one??

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Very Inspring Blogger Award

Thank you sooo much Sophia La Style for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.!!! This means a lot especially since I have just recently started blogging regularly :)

The Rules:

1. Thank and link to the amazing person that nominated you.
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Share 7 things/facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 7 other amazing blogs and comment on their blogs to let them know you nominated them, and provide a link to your post.
5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo anywhere on your blog, e.g. sidebar, and follow the person who nominated you.

7 things/facts about me:

1. My all time favorite color is PINK!
2. I love shopping for anything..clothes, makeup, food...
3. I have changed 7 schools in my life
4. I am the shyest person I know.
5. I don´t like pizza or cheese!
6. I am scared to drive.
7. My favorite food is pasta and i could eat it everyday!

I have nominated the following bloggers:

Friday, April 11, 2014

Nails of the Week: Purple Sugar


Hey everyone!! This weeks NOTW is this beautiful color from Essence called Purple Sugar that I recently bought. It is a pinky purple and I can´t even tell you how much I love this color!!

I wore this color three times in a row and that really never happens since I always like to change up my nailpolish.

Lets just take some time to admire this color... :)

Last spring mint was my favorite color to wear on my nails but this year I think it is going to be this one. It is so perfect for spring and hey radiant orchid is color of the year so you can´t really go wring with Purple Sugar.

I forgot to put a pink border on this pic..ooops!

All in all I am really happy with this color and I am so glad that I added it to my collection!!

What do you think of this color? Which colors do you like for spring and summer??

Thank you soo much for reading!!! xoxo

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New In: La Roche- Posay

Hello everyone!! I just wanted to share with you these two products that I got in the mail a few days ago. I signed up for something on their website and as a thank you for signing up they sent me these two items for free. Anyone could have signed up, so I am not working with them or anything.

I have never tryed anything from this brand but I have heard a lot of good things about it and I am very excited to try out these products.

The first item is the Effaclar purifying foaming gel for oily sensitive skin. It says that it is soap free and it has a pH of 5.5.

The second item is the Effaclar Duo + face cream. It says that the cream is paraben free and that is fights against imperfections.

I have only been using both of these for a couple of days so I can´t really say anything about them only that it has not made my face worse or broke me out. I will continue using them and update you if it worked for me.
Have any of you used these products or anything from this brand??

Thank you so much for reading!! xoxo

UPDATE: I don´t think my skin is oily enough for these products yet so I am going to save them for summer and try them again when I do get really oily.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Product Empties

Hello readers!! Todays post will be about some of the products that I have used up. I have more of them but I will save them for next time because I don´t want this post to be too long.

I have used up a bottle of the Batiste dry shampoo. I love this product, it works great and I will be buying it again just in a different scent because I don´t really like this one. All in all, awesome product!

This is my second bottle of Bioderma miccelar water. It has lasted me for months since it is a 500 ml bottle. I really like it, it is gentle and removes the makeup very well. I will not buy it again right away because I am trying out some drugstore micellar waters at the moment.

This Bettina Barty hand and body lotion in the VANILLA scent is one of my favorite lotions of all time. I have been using this lotion for the past three years!! It smells really good and the scent lasts until your next shower. I love that about it. It is not very hydrating but the smell just gets me every time.

I have also gone through sooo many bottles of this Impulse body fragrance in Vanilla Kisses but I just had two bottles laying aorund the house. I love this stuff. It smells amazing and it lasts a long time. I will definitely be repurchasing this.

Volume Million Lashes by Loreal is one of my all time favorite mascaras. I love it a lot and it is the best drugstore mascara that I have tryed. I have another one that I am using at the moment.

This is the Color Sensational lip stain by Maybelline. I got mine in the color 150 tender rose. I hate this product. It pretty much sucks!! The only thing I like about it is the scent and obviously I will not be buying it again!

Those would be some of the products that I have used up lately. Thank you for stopping by and check back again for more posts like this!! xoxo

Friday, April 4, 2014

Nails of the Week

Hey everyone!! For this weeks NOTW I chose this pretty light green color from Smart Girls. It is the shade number 55 and it was part of a Limited Edition collection back in 2012 I think...
This is a mini nailpolish and it is very cheap..about $2. 

On my nails I am wearing three coats of this nailpolish and it is still streaky!! It did dry prety quickly, but still...who wants to wear 4 coats of nailpolish?!
Also the lasting power is not good at all. On me it started chipping the next day. I usually never wear top and base coats so maybe that would make it last a little longer but probably not longer than 3 days anyway.

All in all, this color is very pretty and it is perfect for spring but I wouldn´t really recommend it because I personally like nail colors that are opaque in two coats!!

What do you think of this nailpolish?? Have any of you tryed it or other Smart Girls nailpolishes??

Thank you so much for reading!! xoxo

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hello everyone! I have never done an outfit of the day post so this will be my first one. I wore this outfit yesterday when I was just hanging out with my husband and enjoying this perfect spring weather. It is just a simple casual outfit that I would wear on a regular basis!

-floral bolero/jacket - H&M (kids section)
-black tank top- C&A
- jeans - Conto Bene
- flats - Bershka
- statement necklace- ebay here
- watch- Guess
- silver ring- gift
- black purse- H&M here 

I hope you like it and thank you soo much for stopping by!! xoxo

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review: Avon Skindisiac body oil spray

Hello ladies!! Todays quick review will be on this beautiful product from Avon. It is the Skin So Soft Skindisiac body oil.

I bought this product last spring and used it a lot during summer so now I started using it again as the weather got warmer. I checked on the internet and I believe it will be available in the Avon catalog this month again along with the matching body lotion.

I love this body oil. When you apply it to the skin it leaves it nice and soft but it is not oily or greasy at all.
The product does have some bronze shimmer in it but it is not really noticeable on the skin, maybe a little bit in the sun.

You can see the shimmer at the bottom before I shook it up, and in the picture down below I tryed to capture the actual glitter when it is shaken up. 

You can´t really see it that well but it is there :)

Now lets talk about the smell.....It smells AMAZING!!! That is my favorite part about this product. It says that there is passionfruit in it and I dont know what passionfruit smells like but to me personally the smell isn´t really fruity. When I wear this I do not wear perfume because the scent of this is enough. You can really smell it and it lasts pretty long on the skin. 

All in all, I love this product and to me personally there are no bad sides to it. I would definitely buy it again and I want to try the lotion from the same collection.

Have any of you tryed this? What do you think??

Thank you so much for readin!! xoxo