Sunday, November 16, 2014

NOTW: Red Red

Hello everyone!!

This week on my nails I have been wearing Red Red by Wet n Wild.

This is a true basic red and it is opaque in two coats. Also, it lasted quite a while on my nails. Usually I am not a big fan of red nails but I actually wore this nailpolish twice in a row.

Before this, I haven´t worn red on my nails since New Years but I actually am starting to like how it looks on me.

What do you think of this color? Are you a fan of red nails??

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tangle Teezer Review

Hello everyone!!

I am sure all of you have heard of the Tangle Teezer, and after having it on my wishlist for over a year I finally gave in and spent 128.90 kn (about $21) on a hair brush! 
I ordered mine on the Pink Panda website in the color Sweet Peppermint.

I have long curly hair that it very dry, damaged and color treated. It is always a pain in the butt to brush it after it has been washed. That is why I really wanted to try the Tangle Teezer and see if could make things easier.

I really like this brush. First of all I love the color combination of the pink and green and I love how it sits nicely into the palm of the hand.

The Tangle Teezer has a combination of longer and shorter bristles and is much less painful to brush my hair and get rid of tangles. Also, it is a lot faster than with my regular brush.

All in all I really like the Tangle Teezer and it works well for my hair but I think the price is too high for what it is. 

Have any of you tryed the Tangle Teezer? How did it work for you?