Saturday, March 1, 2014

New IN!


Hello everyone!! Today I wanted to share with you a few things that I bought in the past week or two.  I have never tryed any of these products before so I am very excited to see if I will like them.

 - Artist hair shampoo - I was not out of shampoo when I bought this but the bottle attracted me and I have never heard of this brand before so I thought it would be interesting to try. I need to go back and pick up the conditioner as well.

- Mixa micellar water- This is a new French brand that came to my country not too long ago and I have heard so many good things about their products. I wanted to give the micellar water a try because I am almost out of my Bioderma and I am looking for a drugstore dupe.

- BodySoul hand creme- I was really in need of a new hand creme to carry around in my purse and decided to pick up this one. The fact that it has vanilla attracted me and everyone knows I love everything vanilla :) We will see how I like it.

- Eveline 3 in 1 foundation - This product attracted me because it costs only about $6 and it blended so nicely when I tryed it on my hand. I just couldn´t leave it behind. I can tell you right now that I like it better than my Bourjois that I am currently using.

- Wet n Wild megalast nailpolish - This color just looks so pretty and I think it will be perfect for spring. I am wearing it on my nails right now. 

Wet n Wild lipstick ( Think Pink) - I finally got my hands on this lipstick. The brand Wet n Wild just recently came to my country and the lipsticks sold out right away. I couldn´t find them anywhere. I was soo happy when I saw that they restocked them.

- Claire´s lipgloss - The only makeup that I have tryed from this brand was the eyeshadow palette and I really did not like it. When I was in Budapest I saw this store and I just had to pick up these lipglosses. They looked so cute and they were only about $5-$6 for the pack of four. I wonder if they will be better than the eyeshadows...

- Catrice ink eyeliner- I really wanted to pick up an eyeliner that had a brush applicator because I think it is easier to apply than a felt tip. I didn´t want to spend a lot of money because I am still trying to learn how to apply liquid eyeliner and to make a nice cat eye. So far I like it...

Those are all of the beauty products that I have bought in the last week or two. I am super excited about giving them all a try and I hope I like them. 

Have you bought anything interesting lately?? and have you tryed any of these products??

 Thank you so much for reading!! xo



  1. Cool products you have.

  2. Love that colour nail varnish :)

    Sophie x


    1. it is a really pretty color. thank you so much for stopping by!! :)

  3. great products. Never tried them before but thank you for sharing and for visiting/following me. Stay in touch. Following you as well.


  4. really curious how you liked them (:

    xxx Anna
    Ps. I just renewed my blog!
    Come take a look
    A Tale of Two Shoes

    1. i will write reviews on some after i test them out some more :))

  5. What country do you live in and where did you get that foundation from???

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    1. i live in croatia and i got the foundation at a store called Kozmo :)


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