Friday, May 24, 2013

Maybelline Colorama blush

Recently I bought the Maybelline colorama blush in the shade 201. My first impression was that I really love the color and I have been looking for something similar. I think this product is new, atleast here in my country because I have never seen it before.  It is a bright pink color with a lot of shimmer in it and its really glowy. For that reason I don't think highlighter should be worn with it because it would just be too much shimmer. The face would look like a disco ball :-P

I think the blush is very pretty if you are not a 'matt person'. The pigmentation is pretty good and you only need to put on a little bit. There is no scent to the product and it is very affordable. 
 Have any of you tryed it??    


  1. I´ve bought four shades and I love them all :)

    1. lol..i just have this one for now...i love the color but i use it as a highlighter because it is soo glowy


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