Sunday, May 19, 2013

going from BROWN to BLONDE

  I am in the process of going from darkish brown to blonde. My hair has a red pigment so that makes things even more complicated. This is how my hair looked before I started going blonde:  

I have naturally curly and dry hair so doing all this to it made it even worse but I really wanted to see how blonde would look on me. I've tryed a bunch of colors but I never made it to the platinum blonde that I want so that is my goal now.  

On my first visit to the hair salon I got my hair bleached (which I didn't plan on in the beginning). After leaving that on my head for like an hour and washing it, the hair dresser dyed my hair a really platinum ash blonde color . She used Keune 1517. It is supposed to make the hair less yellow but I dont think it really did that for me. Here are a couple of  pictures of my hair after the first visit: 

As you can see my hair was really orange and yellow. After a two week pause I went to the hair salon again :)  This time I got highlights . I didn't even really notice them in my hair but o well... After another two weeks had passed I decided to dye my whole hair at home. I used Garnier color naturals 111. This is how my hair looks today : 

I'm still not quite happy with it because the tips of my hair are still orange. I like the color at the roots so I am going to try to make my whole hair like that. I will be dying my hair again in about a week and I will post more pictures so you can see if it gets any better. I think I have accomplished a lot in a month and it did damage my hair but not as much as I thought it would. Thank you for reading and check back again for updates!! :D

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