Thursday, February 20, 2014

Products I don´t like ...

    Hello everyone! Todays post will be about a few products that I don´t like or that just don´t work for me. That doesn´t mean that you wont like them since we are all different.


1. Claire´s eyeshadow palette - My sister bought this palette for me when she was in Wien and I was very excited because it does have some pretty shades for everyday looks. I was disappointed with it because the eyeshadows have such bad pigmentation and I am just not satisfied with the results.

2. Essence nose strips- In this packet you get three strips for about $3 - $4..I just think that there are better nose strips out there, atleast for me. They just don´t pull out enough gunk out of my nose and I will not be purchasing them again.

3. Avon naturals body spray (vanilla) - I am such a huge fan of vanilla scents and it is my all time favorite smell. I was so excited about this product because I thought I could have it in my purse at all times and I could always smell like vanilla but I really don´t like it. The first ingredient is alcohol and I can really smell it when I spray this on myself so that is a huge pass for me. Also, the scent doesn´t stay on too long. I will use it up but I am not going to buy it again.

4. Aiko system repair spray-  This is a leave in spray that claims to make hair shiny, strong and easy to brush. I have been trying to use this product up for the longest time and thank God I am almost done. It does absolutely nothing for my hair. I was hoping it would make it easy to brush my hair after I wash it but NO.  It has an ok smell but thats not enough.

5. Syoss heat-protect spray- I just don´t like this heat protector and Syoss products in general don´t work for me (atleast from what I tryed so far). I don´t like the way this feels, smells or anything. I can´t wait to use it up so that I can buy a different one.

6. s-he stylezone lipstick shade 175 - I was so excited when I bought this color because it looks soo pretty in this cheap looking package :) After I got home and applyed it to my lips I was really disappointed because the color is a lot lighter than it appears and the color does not apply evenly everywhere. In some places it is lighter in others it is darker. Im not sure that I will ever wear this in public unless I find a way to make it work.

That would be all of the products that I own at the moment that I don´t like. Have you tryed any of these products and what do you think?? Thank you so much for reading! xoxo


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