Thursday, January 23, 2014

ebay collective haul : part 2

   Hello!! The first part of my haul was basically just necklaces but this part will have a lot of random things ( including one necklace) not just one category. I do not have links for all of the items that I will show you because some of the links that I ordered from dont work or exist anymore! Lets get started....

     First I would like to show you a Hello Kitty purse I ordered because I had a Hello Kitty obsession not too long ago :D 

I chose this black quilted one because it has Hello Kitty on it but its still not too childish. I only wore it for about a month but I like it. It is still in good shape and it cost about $20. One thing that I dont like is that it doesn´t have a long strap for the shoulder. I don´t have the link I ordered it from and this bottom picture was taken from ebay.

I ordered a few pairs of leggings from ebay and here are a couple:

    I love the left pair that has the galaxy print on them. They are soo comfy and pretty good quality. I do not suggest wearing them when its hot because you will sweat a lot in them and its not a pleasant feeling :P   Here is the link that I ordered from.

  The second pair is really cute and I love the roses but I don´t really like wearing them because when they stretch on the thighs they turn white and its not cute. 

This necklace was supposed to be in the last post but I didn´t think that it would come at all so I just didn´t include it. This necklace came after three, or maybe even more, months. I like it but it´s not even the colors I wanted. It was supposed to be two tones of blue, a darker and this lighter one. Here is the link to it so you can see how it was supposed to look. I ordered color number 6.

Here is another pair of leggings that I ordered. I wear these all the time even though they aren´t really warm enough for winter time. The left picture is from ebay and the right I took a close up of the snake print so you can see how it looks. I ordered the faux leather matt black ones also and I loved them when they first arrived. I was soo happy but after wearing them like three times they turned so bad. The leather cracked on the knees and later everywhere so they ended up in the garbage. For myself I ordered a size S and they fit perfectly. I am about 160 cm tall and about 52 kgs.   This is the link for both of them:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sexy-Lady-Girl-Women-Faux-Leather-Low-Waist-Tights-Pants-Leggings-Wholesale-Lot-/370770157418?pt=US_Womens_Leggings&var=&hash=item56539f9f6a

Here are some random items. The first is a leopard print scard. It´s ok but I was expecting a nicer pattern. I still wear it a lot. Here is the link to it.

Next is what I though would be a nice spring jacket. I was really disapointed when this item arrived because I was expecting something totally different. It is my fault that I didn´t read the material because the seller did say it was chiffon. It is see through and I would describe it as a blouse with a zipper. Click here to check it out!

The knitted infinity scarf is really cute. It was really inexpensive and I like it a lot even though the color looks nothing like I thought it would be. I ordered watermelon red and this is what I got. 

I ordered this leopard skater dress because it looked soo cute in the picture. I ordered size S and i was expecting it to be tiny like most things that come from China, Hong Kong etc. but its really not. The length on me was above the knee so I had it shortened and now I wear it as a shirt/tunic. You can get yours here . 

I would like to finish this post with my 120 eyeshadow palette. I payed about $12-$14 for it and I like it a lot. None of the eyeshadows were damaged in the transport and it includes matte and pearl shades. You can see which shade I use the most lol :D 

I still have a lot of things that I didn´t include so there might be a part three to the ebay haul, Ill think about it. Have you found any good and inexpensive items on ebay lately?? 


  1. I love all those different leggings. Leggings are just SO comfortable that I love when I find a pair that are cute and don't make me look like I'm just wearing pj's. hah. Love the floral ones!


    1. I also love legging for winter especially with an oversized sweater..that is like the comfiest outfit but still looks cute :)

  2. Lovely finds!! That necklace is awesome. Great post!!
    *Appreciate your visit to my blog :-)*


    1. yea i love the necklace but it took like 3 months for it to come! thanx for stopping by! :)


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