Wednesday, January 8, 2014

ebay collective haul: part 1

  Hello everybody!!! I have collected sooo much stuff from e-bay in the past few months and I want to share it with all of you. In part one of the haul I will show you all the necklaces that I have ordred and provide you with a link. 
  The first necklace is my favorite and I looooveee it!! It is so chunky and pretty! 


I really wanted a silver statement necklace so I chose this one. It came in a pretty pink box and it didn´t take too long for it to arrive.  This is the link I orderd it from.
and I chose the color clear on tibetan silver. You can find the bronze version for a lot cheaper. 

My secon favorite is this one : 

The color is kind of a rose gold with with pearls all over it. It feels like it is really good quality and it was so inexpensive. I love it and I wear it all the time. This is the link I ordered it from. 

The next one is my favorite for spring and summer.

The colors are soo bright and pretty. When it first arrived one of the pink pieces fell out but I glued it back and there hasnt been any problems since then. I don´t have the exact link that I orderd it from but I found another link  and the necklace is number 37. 
 The rest of the necklaces are in no particular order and I don´t really wear them that much but I still want to show you in case you like them. 

I wore this necklace a couple of times. Its not my favorite but it was really cheap. The first one that arrived had a broken triangle so the seller sent me another one. It is a little too long for my taste. Here is the link for it.

The next necklace is one of those things that I ordered and then wondered why I ordered it :D Does that ever happen to you?? 

This necklace was also very cheap so its not a big deal that I havent worn it at all. I think its cute but like I said earlier, I like shorter necklaces better. It looks just like the sellers picture but it took a while for it to come. Here is the link that I ordered it from.

I have another necklace that is longer and it is really cute but I lost it so I cant put up my picture. Here is the link  for it.
  The necklace looks just like the picture and there was no problems with it. 
Last but not least: a pair of earings. 

These earing were .99 cents. They are so simple and cute. I wear them all the time and so many people have asked me where I bought them. The only problem I have with these is that the back piece that goes through the ear is a little too long so I cant sleep with them but other than that..i love them! I also have the gold pair.  Here is the link.

That is all for todays post. I hope you guys enjoy reading it and check back soon for part two of the collective haul. xo

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